Tassy Singer and Kylie enjoy being together. They often include Tassy’s son and the three of them find plenty of activities to keep busy.  They have enjoyed zoo adventures, especially hours in the cages feeding the birds. Often they stay home to bake, play board games, read, or go on walks.  Tassy and Kylie are both softball players so time is also spent working out on the ball diamond. They rarely miss a Kinship Event.

Sharon Simons  and Astrayia have become good friends.

Astrayia’s mom says that they are like two peas in a pod. They’re both creative and enjoy doing crafty things together, as well as cooking some wonderful morsels in the kitchen.

Most importantly, they just enjoy each other’s company. It probably doesn’t matter too much what the activity is, as long as they’re doing it together.

Ray and Betty Arveson and Bryce enjoy a variety of different activities together.

Hanging out at the Arveson’s home is on top of the list, especially when Ray bakes bread or Betty bakes cookies.  They also enjoy a good game of cards or chatting over ice cream or a smoothie.

Ray and Betty agree that Bryce keeps them young, challenges their thinking, and is rewarding in so many ways.

Ashley Rubner and Abagail started their journey in 2015 and it has been a real joy for both of them.

They participated in the Rail Road Days 5K last year and finished side by side.

You can find these guys playing board games, swimming, roller-blading and going on walks.  They both have said they just enjoy spending time together and talking about everything

Karen Downing and Llisa are regular attendees at Kinship Partners activities; their favorite event so far was airplane rides at the Brainerd Airport with the local flying club.

In the summer, these two can be found cruising garage sales and looking for deals.

Llisa’s most precious time with Karen is when they serve at Sharing Bread Soup Kitchen.

Stacy Littman and her family enjoy their time with Delany.

Delaney is just as excited to spend time with them.  She compiled a “bucket list” of things she wants to do with the Littman clan and posted it on their refrigerator.  Working together preparing meals, playing board games, trips to the park, and giggling through pedicures are just a few items that made the list.

Tom Leach and Malik have enjoyed fishing, outings at the shooting range and many of Kinship’s special events.

Tom’s persistence and commitment enabled this partnership to flourish even though he had some health issues.  As soon as Tom was back on his feet, Malik’s phone was ringing, and they were off again on another adventure.

Kevin Martini and Owen have forged a bond that likely will last a lifetime.

Owen’s grandma believes this was a divine match. She doesn’t think Kinship could have picked a better mentor for Owen. They have had so much fun together, fishing, hunting, rock collecting, and doing community service projects.

Mike Burkey and Blake have enjoyed many different activities together, often around the theme of sports.

They have taken trips to Minneapolis to watch the Minnesota Twins, play tennis, shoot hoops, attend Kinship events and just hang out at Mike’s house for a meal and a game of chess.

Bob Schafer and Wesley enjoy a variety of activities from hunting, fishing, kayaking, swimming, to anything mechanical.

Wesley’s mom is very happy about the match.  She said, “Wesley loves his time with Bob and when they are together they don’t skip a beat.”

Lana is 11 and has been matched with mother/daughter mentors Donna and Molly Palm since she was 6. Some of the things they enjoy doing are swimming, biking, going to parks, doing crafts, visiting the library and hanging out at Donna’s house.

Even though Molly is off to college, she calls most weeks when Donna and Lana are together.

Dawn Ohman and Alexis have made a weekly commitment to one another.  They enjoy a long list of activities including fishing, bowling, and swimming as most kids do.  But Alexis also looks forward to a trip to the local DQ for a treat and some homework help.