About two years ago, a young girl named Bella came into the lives of Phil and Val Kvamme, Nisswa.  Although already blessed with a busy and satisfying lifestyle, Phil jokes that they were willing to “get out of their Norwegian rut and try something different.” Phil, Val, and Bella have woven together their lives and love each other’s company.

Pastor Paul Mattson and Ebrima hit it off in part because of their similar interests, they both like sports, and in particular, basketball. So whether it’s a game of one-on-one in the backyard, or taking in a high school game, they enjoy their weekly time together.

Cory Peterson and Nik were matched the day after Nik’s 10th birthday. Nik is now 18 years old and will be graduating this spring.

So what has made this match so successful? Cory would tell you Nik is just part of his family. Nik would say Cory has always been there for him.

Rosie Blessing and Maykayla enjoy walking in the park, working in the garden, baking, bowling, or going out to dinner. They demonstrate the value that mentorship brings to both of their lives.

Alexia first came to Kinship Partners wanting a little girl in her life and she was matched with Lenora. Because Lenora moved, Alexia then decided to be matched with Bryella. Well, Lenora moved back to the area and just as you would guess, Lenora wanted her mentor back! These three are a match made in heaven.

Four years ago Vivian Probasco read a Kinship article about a 5-year-old girl wanting a mentor who could “help her ride a bike, color, and like vanilla ice cream like she did.”  Vivian fulfilled this simple request for Emma and before long she was like a member of Vivian’s family.

Almost two years ago Joe Nelson was introduced to Sam.  They enjoy boating, sledding, and board games. According to Joe, “Sam’s a really smart kid who always has some news to share and I am happy to have him in my life.”

Ryan Anderson and Tason love to bike the trails in the Crosby area, have enjoyed boating and camping.  Ryan even taught Tason a little about welding. Since they have become so close, Tason was invited to be a part of Ryan’s wedding.

Maribeth Grimsby and Tilla (aka Tilly) have been together for over 2 years. Maribeth says it’s fun to be a mentor because she and Tilly enjoy the same things: crafting, eating, baking, walking and talking. They occasionally even go fishing!

Dan and Avery seem to have fun with whatever they decide to do. They spend a lot of time outside fishing or four-wheeling.  Dan has enjoyed being a part of Avery’s life and he loves seeing Avery happy.

Derek and Chance like to take advantage of the great outdoors and the variety of opportunities the different seasons have to offer. These two enjoy exploring new things together and are always ready for a new adventure.

Dan and Sharon Jacobsen have enjoyed doing many fun things with Thomas and Lucas. They have been instrumental in helping them grow into young men and sort through many of life’s decisions. Sharon states, “Mentoring doesn’t cost anything except a little quality time.”