Mentor Newsletter

You have the power to make a real difference and brighten the future of a child

How often do we take a moment to look at the people who shaped our lives? Think for a moment – who were the important men and women that influenced you?

Imagine now if you took all of them away.

That is what life is like for many of the children waiting for someone like you to come into their lives as a Kinship Partner mentor.

The wonderful thing about mentoring is that you are already equipped to be a great mentor. You bring to the table something unique that these kids do not have in their lives … the ability to be their friend.

Mentors can be individuals, couples or families. And mentoring is simple because the most successful relationships are built around common shared activities and interests.

Kinship Partners provides the support, structure and supervision needed to make sure everyone experiences a safe and positive relationship. You only need to be yourself – a caring adult, willing to spend time with a child who needs a role model.

The choice to share your time with a child who needs a mentor results in a living expression of who you are; a legacy of caring.

“Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story” – Josh Shipp

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