Current Openings



Youth Mentoring Program and Community Development Coordinator

This position will support programming in both the Cuyuna Lakes Area and the Brainerd Lakes Area.  This position will be 32 hours per week with 20 hours dedicated to Cuyuna Lakes Area satellite management and 12 hours dedicated to Brainerd area program management. Preference will be given to a candidate with strong connections to the Cuyuna Lakes Area and relevant education and/or experience. 

Board Management (Cuyuna Lakes Area): 

  • Develop, motivate, and manage local Kinship advisory committee
  • Strategically work with the advisory committee to broaden community wide awareness and support of the mission

Fundraising and Brand Awareness (Cuyuna Lakes Area): 

  • Work with Executive Director (ED) to develop satellite budget, operating within planned budget
  • Seek funding through civic organizations, businesses, foundations, and individuals to develop partnerships and meet satellite budget
  • Work with Kinship development staff to prospect for, write and secure grants for projects, pilots, event participation and development of local community partnerships
  • With support from the Kinship Events and Marketing Specialist and ED, manage and enhance special event fundraisers
  • Increase public awareness of Kinship Partners through various PR opportunities (civic presentations, corporate and school newsletters, PSAs, in-kind newspaper ads, press releases, website, etc.)

Program management (12 hours per week working out of Brainerd office, 20 hours in Crosby office): 

  • Recruit, train and support community volunteers for Kinship’s youth mentoring programs
  • Develop and maintain relationships with mentors and the families served
  • Oversee and ensure program goals are set, monitored, and obtained according to the strategic direction of the organization
  • Lead educational/programmatic outreach in the satellite area working with area schools, youth serving organizations, and community partners promoting Kinship’s youth mentoring programs
  • Work with corporate, education and community leaders to develop volunteer resources to ensure successful program implementation to achieve overall goals
  • Work as a team with other Kinship staff to enhance program offerings, trainings and data collection and monitoring
  • Ensure Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring benchmarks are being met
  • Maintain accurate and detailed records in program management database

Leadership and Development: 

  • Exemplify a leadership model consistent with Kinship’s value-based behaviors, using best practices of acceptance, integrity, trusting relationships, opportunities to thrive and awareness
  • Attend trainings offered by Kinship Partners or other relevant organizations to continue striving for personal improvement

Email resume, cover letter and three references to Amy Gray at