Community-Based Mentoring

The mission of Kinship Partners is to provide intentional opportunities for meaningful connections.  We believe all kids deserve a positive relationship with a caring adult. Kinship Partners improves the future of our community by fostering these valuable relationships. Every decision that a child makes somehow contributes to his or her future. Healthy decisions mean brighter paths on the road to a positive life.

Our Community-Based Mentoring Program is at the center of our organization. Kinship Partners focuses on matching children ages 5 to 18 with positive adult influences. We improve the lives of kids involved in Kinship by bolstering their self-esteem and offering opportunities for social and emotional skills development.

Kinship Partner Mentors can be individuals, couple or families.

All adult volunteers are interviewed and undergo a criminal background check and comprehensive screening before being matched with a young person. Our experienced Program Coordinators then match children with mentors according to age, gender identity, location, interests and a mentor’s previous experience working with youth. This is one way we ensure that our program is of the highest quality.

Once matched, the Program Coordinator provides continued support and training from their assigned Program Coordinator who is also available to help in a crisis or give advice to mentors when needed. The Program Coordinator is also responsible for maintaining a relationship with the mentee’s parent or guardian and mentee.

Kinship Partners provides the support, structure, and supervision needed to make sure everyone experiences a safe and positive relationship.  As a mentor, you only need to be yourself – a caring adult, willing to spend time with a child who needs a friend.

For more information about mentoring, please call us at 218-829-4606.