Current Openings 

Thank you for your interest in employment at Kinship Partners! We are currently seeking:

Executive Director and Brainerd Program Coordinator


FLSA: Exempt, Salaried, Full-time position
Salary Range: $55,000 to $60,000 USD
Reports to: Board of Directors of Kinship Partners
Date: September 15, 2020

Position Summary: The Executive Director is responsible for implementing the
mission of Kinship Partners through planning and directing the operations of the
organization, providing financial oversight, fund development, and effective
leadership of its staff, in collaboration with the Kinship Board of Directors.

Bachelor’s degree in management, human services, or finance preferred. Previous
experience in the leadership of a non-profit organization, donor development,
grant writing, supervision of staff and general management required. Must have
excellent public speaking, writing, and interpersonal communication skills to work
with a wide variety of professionals, community leaders, and volunteers. Effective
management and delegation of assignments and tasks; organizational skills and
the ability to concurrently manage numerous tasks. Must be computer literate
and experienced with database applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and

Essential Functions:

I. Marketing and Public Relations

Regularly promotes and leads the organization’s public relations and marketing
strategies to Kinship Partner’s partners, professional associations, church and
civic groups, businesses, and schools.

Prepares a comprehensive schedule of public speaking appointments with
community organizations and businesses, where the mission of Kinship Partners
can be effectively communicated, adult partners and volunteers recruited, and
funds solicited. Delegates speaking engagements to staff and board members
on a regular basis throughout the year.

Directs and provides leadership to Program Coordinators for the recruitment and
utilization of volunteers and adult partners, including an emphasis on developing
relationships with community organizations. Networks with other organizations
whose mission is compatible to Kinship Partners, such as Minnesota Kinship Alliance,
CARE, and Volunteer Coordinator meetings.

Percent Expected Time Commitment: 25

II. Financial Management and Donor Development

Manages all aspects of the organization’s finances, in conjunction with the
Treasurer and the Finance and Fundraising Committees.

Prepares annual operating budget and reviews monthly financial statements with
the Treasurer of the Board. Monitors the organization’s cash position and transfers
funds between accounts as required.

Periodically reviews the organization’s investment portfolio with the Board and
develop recommendations regarding new investments or changes in investments.

Leads and manages all donor development activities for Kinship Partners.

Coordinates and executes plans for annual grant-writing:

a. Prepares the information to be submitted for the grant request.
b. Monitors the outstanding grant requests until each is brought to conclusion.
c. Provides the follow-up reporting to the grant donor.
d. May hire part-time grant writing consultants or researchers, as needed.

Manages the planning and execution of all fund development activities:

a. Prepares an annual fundraising plan.
b. Solicits the involvement of staff, board members, and volunteers to successfully
execute each fundraising opportunity.
c. Solicits funding from organizations, churches, businesses, and individuals.

Prepares the organization’s annual report.

Percent Expected Time Commitment: 50

III. Leadership and Supervision of Staff

Has oversight of the recruitment, hiring, promotion, transfer, compensation, and
the discipline of all staff of KinshipPartners.

Directly supervises the Executive Assistant, Bookkeeper, and Lead
Program Coordinator.

Provides on-the-job training and development for assigned employees, Prepares
annual goals and objectives for each staff member and reviews progress on their
goals and job performance on a regular basis, at minimum once annually.

Percent Expected Time Commitment: 10

IV. Board of Directors Responsibilities

Recruit and orient new Board of Directors members, and provides leadership to
the members of the Board of Directors and its committees.

With the members of the Board, facilitates strategic planning, plans board meetings,
informs and educates the Board on staff projects, community and children’s issues,
reviews the organization’s bi-laws, personnel policies, and structure to ensure the
mission of Kinship Partners is accomplished.

Percent Expected Time Commitment: 15

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to
no later than noon on Thursday, October 15, 2020.


Brainerd Area

Position Summary: The Program Coordinator is responsible for the volunteer
recruitment of children and adults in the Brainerd area who wish to participate
in Kinship Partner’s mentoring program and pairing them to form positive, enduring

Essential Functions:
• Engages in strategic volunteer recruitment efforts to locate and increase pairings of
adult mentors and children using a variety of methods and communication media.
• Identifies children in the local community who are seeking an adult role model
relationship through a variety of networking means including, but not limited to,
schools, churches, social services agencies, and other youth-serving programs.
• Interviews mentor candidates for the program and pairs adults with children after a
thorough background study, orientation and training are accomplished. Periodically
contacts each program participant during the match, documenting all contacts in the
• Develops working relationships with community leaders, agencies, and
organizations in the community and maintain awareness of community
• Plans and executes group activities and community service projects
• Assists the Executive Director in overseeing program goals and objectives.

Minimum High School graduate; bachelor’s degree in education or a human service
related field preferred. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with people of
diverse backgrounds. Experience working with volunteers, youth and public speaking.
Preference is given to residents (current or former) from the Brainerd/Baxter area.

Part-time position, 24 hours per week, Flexible Schedule.

Email resume to Brainerd Kinship Partners at:
Deadline to apply: October 15, 2020