Help future Kinship Partners children through the Endowment for Kinship Partners

You can make a difference for tomorrow’s children by giving to the Kinship Partners Endowment Fund.  The Kinship Partners Endowment Fund is administered and maintained by the Brainerd Lakes Area Community Foundation (BLACF).   The Brainerd Lakes Area Community Foundation (BLACF), established in 1998, is a CommunityGiving Partner Foundation. The partnership with CommunityGiving enables the Brainerd Lakes Area Foundation to provide a wide variety of services to donors, their professional advisors and nonprofit organizations in the region, and share administrative costs with other local Foundations.

For more information on giving to the Kinship Partners Endowment Fund or creating a fund in honor or in memory of a loved one, please contact BLACF Executive Director, Karl Samp, at 218.824.5633 or via email.

Putting Kinship Partners in your will

You can provide now for a future gift to Kinship Partners by including a bequest provision in your will or trust. Your will or trust directs assets to your heirs and can direct a bequest to Kinship Partners.


  • Your assets remain in your control during your lifetime.
  • You can change your bequest if your circumstances change.
  • You can direct your bequest to a particular purpose (be sure to check with Kinship Partners to make sure your gift can be used as intended).
  • You can have the satisfaction of knowing your bequest will support Kinship Partners in the way you intended when you are gone.

Naming Kinship Partners as a beneficiary

You can name Kinship Partners as beneficiary of your life insurance policy or your retirement plan and reduce your tax liability. This is as simple as calling your provider and updating or adding to your beneficiary designations.

As with any decision involving your assets, we urge you to seek the advice of your tax and legal advisors and we recommend you discuss your goals with your financial or estate planning professional. If you have any questions about what types of gifts Kinship Partners accepts, please contact our Executive Director, Amy Gray, at 218.454.8013 or via email.