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Announcing the 2018 Railroad Days Dash Winners:

Overall Female Winner – Jolene King
Female 0-19 years old
1st place – Britta Sweeney at 25:49, 2nd place – Brook Hansen at 35:38, 3rd place – Jodie Kylie King at 62:54
Female 20-29 years old
1st place – Alex Martinex at 27:26, 2nd place – Kalee Guderjohn at 31:11, 3rd place – Jenna Jobe at 33:50
Female 30-39 years old
1st place – Jolene King at 24:27, 2nd place – Amanda Turner at 24:32, 3rd place – Shannon Hogan at 24:52
Female 40-49 years old
1st place – Mandie Braith at 27:01, 2nd place – Maggie Borg at 27:49, 3rd place – Lisa Bjerga at 28:08
Female 50-59 years old
1st place – Kathy Harren at 30:55, 2nd place – Bonnie Madson at 32:10, 3rd place – Sheri Nanik at 35:33
Female 60-69 years old
1st place – Susan Edwards at 38:44
Female 70+ years old
1st place – Janice Hiedeman at 39:24, 2nd place – Norma Elvine at 45:24

Male Overall Winner – Kenny Miller
Male 0-19 years old
1st place – Jedia Billman at 23:45, 2nd place – Joe Gorton at 24:00, 3rd place – Garrett Bjerga at 24:14
Male 20-29 years old
1st place – Taylor Johnson at 18:28, 2nd place Dakota Guderjohn at 18:55, 3rd place – Joshua Freese at 19:22
Male 30-39 years old
1st place – Eric Januszewski at 19:52, 2nd place Andy Moore at 20:16, 3rd place Ryan Smith at 22:57
Male 40-49 years old
1st place – Kenny Miller at 16:21, 2nd place – Paul Gorton at 18:48, 3rd place – Dan Bjerga at 24:15
Male 50-59 years old
1st place – Rick Laine at 24:25, 2nd place Joel Rengel at 30:11, 3rd place – Dave Harren at 30:56
Male 60-69 years old
1st place Mike Martin at 47:54
Male 70+ years old
1st place – Carlton Bjerkaas at 30:50, 2nd place – Kenneth Hales at 50:31

Snap Fitness won the Team Race with Alyssa Hales, Kenneth Hales, Cari Kottke, Kari Olson and Taylor Hales.



The Railroad Days Dash is a 5K course that is part of the Staples-Motley
Chamber Railroad Days celebration in Staples, MN.
The 2018 event will take place on August 25, 2018.

Schedule of Events
Registration closes at 8:00 AM
Race begins at 8:30 AM
Jr. Dash begins at 9:30 AM

The race begins and ends at the Staples Alliance Church
1512 8th St. NE, Staples, MN 56479


Over age 18 – on or before August 15th: $25 per person
18 and under – on or before August 15th: $20 per person
All ages – after August 15th: $30 per person
T-Shirts are available for $5, on a first come, first served basis.

REGISTRATION: Jr. Dash (ages 12 and under)
Free with no pre-registration
T-Shirts are available for $5, on a first come, first served basis.

Cost is for the Team only and each person will pay their individual entry fee as they register.  Teams consist of 4 or more runners.
$20 per team – includes Team Leader* and Team Registration – *Team Leader must register before team members. Each team member is also responsible for registering individually.

2017 Results

1st place goes to Sara Carlson of Brainerd, MN 21:35
2nd place goes to Jessica Miller of Wadena, MN 22:35

1st place goes to Kenny Miller of Wadena, MN 16:25
2nd place goes to Paul Gorton of St. Paul, MN 18:26

1st place goes to Tony’s Chicken – total time 1:03:34
2nd place goes to Thomastown Covenant Church – total time 1:42:00

Race Divisions include:

 • Men’s, Women’s and Team
 • Overall winner, under 20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+.
 • Awards are guaranteed for the top 2 finishers in each division.

The purpose of the Railroad Days Dash is to get people in the Staples area active by running. Founding Race Director Nick Schultz started the race in 2009. Staples has a long history of great cross country runners and track teams so they asked why not have a running event that promotes running as a healthy LIFESTYLE.

The event also includes the Jr. Dash for kids under 12. The Jr. Dashers will run the 1K course alongside members of the Staples-Motley Cross Country team.

All proceeds from the Railroad Days Dash benefit Kinship Partners of Staples/Motley, a non-profit youth mentoring program.

Course Records:

Men’s            Kenny Miller         15:58     2014

Women’s       Deb Gormley       19:55     2014

Team Champions    Tony’s Chicken     2015