There is a child in our community who needs your friendship.


Katie, aka Boo-Boo, is a sweet and lovable 6-year-old little girl who is made happy by the simple things, her cat by her side and a bonfire. Add pancakes and a bike ride and that is what Katie would describe as a perfect day! When asked what types of things she would like to do with a Kinship Partner Katie mentioned swimming, biking, baking, and crafts.

Katie’s dad recently passed away, and for Katie and her family, having more caring adults to love and support her through this transition will help ease the pain of this loss for her.

Kinship Partners mentors are not meant as a replacement for anything missing in a child’s life, but are an addition meant to help guide our kids through their youth and help them realize just how very special they are. In this process, our mentors quickly realize that mentoring is a gift to them and their families as well.


Cooper is a sweet and lovable seven-year-old boy who recently has been enrolled in our Lunch Buddies Program while he waits for a mentor. Cooper is quiet, mild mannered and well behaved. He has been enjoying having a Lunch Buddy, but two hours a month is not nearly enough for Cooper. Cooper is in need of a male mentor that makes him feel safe and secure and to teach him new things.

Cooper loves to do art projects, especially painting. He enjoys school and especially likes story time. He would like a mentor to take him fishing because he hasn’t been able to, as well as to help teach him how to “build stuff”.

Please consider being the one to help “build up” this sweet little guy, you won’t regret it! Mentor Cooper today!

With offices in Brainerd, Pequot Lakes, Crosby and Staples; Kinship Partners serves area families by providing positive role models to youth from the ages of 5 to 14. Mentors can be individuals, couples or families.

For more information about any of the kids waiting for a Kinship Partners mentor, call (218) 829-4606, or your nearest Kinship Office.
Please contact our office if you are interested in being a mentor.  We have kids waiting all around the Brainerd Lakes area.