There is a child in our community who needs your friendship.

Nikki has been waiting over a year for a Kinship mentor!

Nikki is a rough and tumble 9-year-old little girl who enjoys playing outside and with her pets, which include birds, rabbits, dogs and a hedgehog. She is the only girl amongst four brothers so she would like a female role model to allow her to explore all sides of herself more, and is open to almost any and everything.

She enjoys school, but at times she feels she is not smart enough. She would like a mentor to help her learn how to read better and help her with her math.

Nikki also has great energy and a quick smile; she is a very sweet and loving child.  Some of her interests are drawing, reading, singing and riding a bike.

Would you be willing to help Nikki away from all the boys and help guide her into becoming a confident young lady?


Victor is a tender-hearted 12-year-old boy who has seen his share of ups and downs, however, he has never allowed that to change his gentle way and loving spirit. Victor is always there to help and is especially good at looking out for younger kids.

Victor has undergone some changes in his family and had to move a few years ago. When asked why he wanted a Kinship Partner his response was easy, “to have a friend”. He also would like to learn to play a guitar, piano or trumpet.

When looking at becoming a mentor we can always compare similarities and differences, but one thing is consistent in all our matches and that is friendship. All our kids are looking for a friend and role model they can lean on. Would you be willing to be that friend to Victor?

With offices in Brainerd, Pequot Lakes, Crosby and Staples; Kinship Partners serves area families by providing positive role models to youth from the ages of 5 to 14. Mentors can be individuals, couples or families.

For more information about any of the kids waiting for a Kinship Partners mentor, call (218) 829-4606, or your nearest Kinship Office.
Please contact our office if you are interested in being a mentor.  We have kids waiting all around the Brainerd Lakes area.